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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is CouponMate's Browser Extension?
A - CouponMate is a browser extension / add-on that makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time. CouponMate currently saves you money and time in two ways: 1) automatically find you coupon codes as soon as you begin shopping and also at checkout and 2) Apply those coupons automatically for you while checking out.

Q - How do I get started?
A - First, install the CouponMate browser extension. It places a unobtrusive button in your browser bar. Click on it on a supported store and you can see all the available sales and coupon codes. When you are checking out, it will insert a “Find Best Coupon" button in the checkout page. Simply click this button and CouponMate will automatically find and apply coupons for you.

Q - I've been using CouponMate and it's not finding any working codes!
A - There are many reasons why CouponMate comes up empty sometimes. The most common one is that there’s no coupon code available that applies to your order. Please remember that CouponMate cannot create working coupons if one doesn't exist. What CouponMate does is save you the trouble of manually searching and trying codes. Another reason could be that the codes have requirements your cart did not fulfill, such as minimum purchase amount or specific products. A less common reason is that you might have encountered a bug with CouponMate. If you suspect this is the problem, please email us at [email protected].

Q - What browsers does the CouponMate browser extension support?
A - CouponMate's browser extension currently works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Q - Does CouponMate support international stores?
A - CouponMate currently only supports US stores. Support for international stores is in the works.

Q - Is this available globally?
A - It works globally, though we've initially focused on US, UK, and Canada.

Q - What stores do you support?
A - CouponMate currently supports 76,460 online stores. For a complete list, click here. CouponMate's automatic coupon apply feature currently works on hundreds of stores and is extending on a daily basis. When the CouponMate icon in your browser bar has a blue badge counter (example) that means that the automatic coupon feature is available for that store.

Q - Does CouponMate also search for in-store/printable coupons?
A - Currently, we focus on online-only offers. We may expand to printables in the future.

Q - What is the difference to the consumer between supported and non-supported websites? Just the automatic vs. manual application of the code?
A - Sure, ultimately it comes down to efficiency. The time it might take to try 20 codes for a given retailer and determine which provides the best discount can be a bit daunting. With automation, you’re able to process one code per 2-3 seconds. So, in roughly one minute’s time you can apply 20 codes to see which provides the best discount for your specific cart.

Q - What makes CouponMate different?
A - We think the web-based model is outdated. Traditionally, the coupon vertical hasn’t had the best reputation. The norm for users has become the “spray and pray” method to try and find discounts. Most savvy couponers hit Google, search for the brand they’re about to make a purchase at during checkout, visit a few coupon sites and apply a handful of codes hoping one will work. I can tell you from personal experience — this process sucks.
We’re trying to remove the pain for consumers, offering a browsable panel of coupons as they surf and prompting them during checkout with the “Find Best Code” functionality to automate that entire tedious process.

Q - Even though the app is new, what are you working on to make it better?
A - Currently, the goal is to widen the coverage. We currently support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. We’re looking to launch a version for MSIE and deploy a mobile app (with matching functionality) for iOS and Android by the end of 2015. We intend to have 2,000 sites integrated for “full automation” by the end of the year. Also, we’re working on expanding our coverage of the global market, with initial focus on Canada, Australia, and the EU.

Q - Where do the coupons you feature come from?
A - Coupon Identification & Collection Methodology:
In terms of backend end technology, we act as a “meta crawler” for coupon codes using a variety of methodologies, from standard natural language processing to optical character recognition. Every minute of the day, we’re actively crawling retailer’s sites, parsing their emails, SMS blasts, and social feeds while simultaneously monitoring other media outlets to source the latest and greatest codes.
Overall Site Support: We detect code response, as in success or failure of a coupon specific to each site, on any type of site: static HTML, ajax-based or even mixed mode sites.
Overall, we monitor roughly 200,000 domains and variants for coupon codes currently. Roughly 80,000 of those have codes at the moment. Even if a site isn't supported for automatically applying a code, you're able to view coupons any time.

Q - What information do you collect?
A - We collect two types of information:
1) Information that you explicitly give to us such as your name, avatar and email address. You may also give us access to your information in other services, such as when you link your Facebook or Twitter account. The information we obtain depends on your settings and the privacy policy of these services.
2) Technical information as a result of your use of our product. We collect automatically generated information such as log data, cookies, device information, data about the success or failure of codes applied to your cart, and some other information collected by Google Analytics. To opt out of tracking with Google Analytics, visit: For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Q - How is my information used?
A - First and foremost, your personal information will never be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. We use the information we collect to improve our product, develop new features, and create better personalized experiences for you. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Q - How do you make money?
A - When you discover a sale or coupon through CouponMate, and checkout on a affiliated merchant site after that, we earn a commission from the merchant.

Q - Do I need to register an account?
A - You do not need to register to use the coupon and sales feature.

Q - Trouble installing?
A - Contact us at [email protected] with your problem and we'll assist you in helping to resolve it.

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