How Couponmate works

“Sometimes it's not about profit or convenience. Sometimes it's about becoming the person you were born to be.”

The Goal
The CouponMate project was born from the belief that our team can leverage a skill set we know — digital marketing, technology, and retail — while simultaneously doing good and making the world a better place.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to do good by raising money for your favorite causes through simple everyday actions, like shopping online.

Something as small as saving on a single online purchase, combined with those of the millions of other people doing the same can make a real difference in the world.

It can help where you feel it’s justified: be it feeding a child, helping to find a cure, planting a tree, creating a home for a stray dog, or any cause you feel worthy.

Helping a cause you care about and making the world a better place can be something you do every day -- not only when you have time to volunteer or extra money to donate. This is what CouponMate is all about.

We give you the ability to turn your everyday actions into simple ways to support and raise funds for your favorite causes.

The Promise
CouponMate started as an idea, and we’re working to turn it into a real platform for change. More than 5,000 people have signed up since we launched a few months ago —- some aware of our ultimate goal, some just looking to save on the online purchases they make every day.

The Backstory
Everyone on the CouponMate team comes from a digital agency background, specifically building search technology as it pertains to online retail.

We’ve spent the last decade building technology to help retailers market their products online. As digital marketers and technologists at heart, we’re unified by the core belief that we can leverage this same skill set to create real incremental good in the world.

It’s important to our team to have the opportunity to get up every day and work on something we love that drives positive impact in the world, even incrementally.

The Timeline
We project that it will take roughly 50,000 users to cover the cost of the team working on CouponMate. Once we’ve covered operational costs, we plan to enable tools to allow users to select a non-profit (and benefit) of their choice — any 501(c)(3) qualifies. From that point forward, the majority (51%, to be exact) of revenue driven from usage will be donated to that organization.

Usage? What does that mean?
When you discover a sale or coupon through CouponMate, and make a purchase on an affiliated merchant site, we earn a commission. Just by shopping (and saving!) at the brands you know and love, we’re able to generate a passive donation stream to the cause you select.

The Road Ahead
CouponMate is just the beginning. We all have the power to make this world a better place. We at MarketKarma are dedicated to bringing this vision to life. We believe we can make it easy for you to support a cause you care about and inspire others to do the same.

— The CouponMate / MarketKarma Team
Joey Burzynski, Dan Austin, Michel Bio, Zooly Hajdu & Crystalei Daniels