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Book Winter Specials Starting At Just $129

COUPONBook winter specials starting at just $129

$99 Starfish Suite Deal

COUPON$99 Starfish Suite deal

Overnight Package $129

COUPONOvernight package $129

$99 Off

COUPONGet $99 Exclusive Facebook offer for Castaway Bay, Cedar Points indoor waterpark.

A Starfish Room, With Waterpark Admission For 4, Starts At Just $99 Or, You Can Upgrade And Stay In A Tarpon Suite (with Waterpark Admission For 6) Starting At Just $139. Ends 3/7/13

COUPONA Starfish Room, with waterpark admission for 4, starts at just $99 Or, you can upgrade and stay in a Tarpon Suite (with waterpark admission for 6) starting at just $139. Ends 3/7/13

Free Sunday Night When You Book A Starfish Room On 2/20/2016 For $249

COUPONGet a Free Sunday night when you book a Starfish room on 2/20/2016 for $249.

Your Packages From $129

COUPONGet Your Packages from $129

Overnight Package For $129

COUPONGet overnight package for $129

$129.00 Per Night

COUPON$129.00 per night

As Low As $129. Sun-Thurs. 2011 Season.

COUPONAs low as $129. Sun-Thurs. 2011 season.

Rates As Low As 129 With This Code

COUPONRates as low as 129 with this code

$129 For Starfish Room

COUPON$129 for starfish room